Our Story

Her parents were over joyed by her arrival. She slept, she ate, she grew and all was well.

Soon she began to crawl. Her parents, anticipating what was to come, installed gates, shields and buffers to limit her excursions. She would ultimately use these as props for her poise. 

They knew walking was around the corner and in the meantime they continued to read to her nightly and frequented parks and museums. 

Her parents felt it time to pick out a shoe for her first steps, there was most prevalent, designs with featuring a famous mouse, and a few characters from TV shows she had not yet seen. Where were the shoes from the books she loved?

One day her parents met with other like minded parents. They set out to create a shoe that was both comfortable and that could become the perfect canvas for what was to come. 

After months of searching and development, they brought home sample pair and the little girl was ecstatic...but would anyone else feel the same?